(Once Upon a date…) December 22, 2007 : Opening of the attraction The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

On December 22, guests enjoy the newly opened Twilight Zone Tower of Terror inspired by the television series “The Twilight Zone”, at Walt Disney Studios Park. »

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney Studios Park is very close to the one at Disney California Adventure… except for some details, as its Art Director Theron Skees explains: “Imagineers are used to take a classic Disney attraction and adapt it to different cultures and audiences. In Europe, people have access to lots of museums and older props, much more than the American audience. So, we had to really dig for interesting and realistic props coming from all over Europe, as well as refined materials that help make each visit different and exciting.”

Maquette Hollywood Tower Hotel

Vincent Meilleray, an operational Cast Member, fondly remembers his experience as a « groom » at the Tower of Terror. “I worked there during the test and adjust phase, with the Imagineers. So exciting! Each day I arrived at work, there was a new set, or new props to discover! When the day arrived of let- ting the Cast take the reign of the attraction, Theron told us: ‘we did the first job, now it’s your turn, it’s your attraction, your home. It’s up to you to give it some life for the generations to come.’ When you think about it, it’s a great responsibility. Such a nice place and strong story: we were eager to do our best and I think the guests still feel it to this day!”

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror opens to become a new icon for Walt Disney Studios Park.

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