An epic taste of Avengers Campus for Disneyland Paris fans

While a few drills and hammer blows (no, not Thor’s) were still resounding across the Land, and rehearsals and preparations continued for the Entertainment and Merchandise teams, ten fans of the Disneyland Paris online community were able to discover the new Avengers Campus universe, guided by the teams of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris.

Photo de groupe devant Avengers Campus

It was with eyes wide open that several members of InsidEars (the social fan club of Disneyland Paris), drawn for the occasion, entered Avengers Campus for a guided tour of the land before its opening to the public on July 20. From Backlot, the previous area that has been totally transformed to make way for Avengers Campus, they no longer recognize anything, or very little. “The Imagineers completely transformed the place to make the magic happen. I was amazed at the sense of detail, the grandeur and the immersion, I found myself like a child in the shoes of a hero in this new universe” admits Jack-Jack, from the French Facebook page Disneyland Paris – Il était une fois.

“When I first walked into Avengers Campus I literally felt like I was in another universe, in this case another branch of the Multiverse. We really have the feeling that at any moment something can spring up before our eyes and literally take us into something epic,” confirms Luc from the Magic Disneyland website, with his eyes still sparkling. “The work done in the Avengers Campus area is outstanding, it really feels like part of something big. It’s a unique chance to have been able to preview the grounds of Avengers Campus and to discover each building with its history, I can’t wait to discover more and more with Peter Parker, Ant-Man and the Wasp and many more Super Heroes who are just waiting for us to go on a mission as recruits.” he also confided.

Insidears dans Avengers Campus

Lorraine Huriet and Guillaume Butaye, from Walt Disney Imagineering Paris, guided them for almost an hour and a half through the different experiences that will await visitors this summer. Between storytelling, anecdotes, construction secrets and technical explanations, all the creative ambition and the high degree of immersion of Avengers Campus were revealed to them.

Insidears dans Avengers Campus

It was an incredible experience, accompanied by passionate people. I learned a lot during this visit thanks to Imagineers Lorraine and Guillaume, especially about the history of the campus and its secrets… and there are many!” confirmed Lyse from the Radio Disney Club fansite, who was also won over.

They are now even more eager to discover the shows that will be an integral part of the new land, to delight in the new themed restaurants and food trucks, and to try out the new attractions that were still being tested during their visit. But the fans are convinced. With Avengers Campus, the transformation of Walt Disney Studios Park has taken a grand step!

“The permanent life in the land with F.R.I.D.A.Y., which is constantly interacting with the elements of the area, made me want to discover the different experiences, whether it be the shows or even the two attractions. Finally, seeing the Avengers Assemble: Flight Force briefing and seeing the Hypersonic vehicle being launched got me very excited!!” concludes Corentin from the Rien que d’y penser podcast. He’ll obviously be among the first to experience the end result when Avengers Campus opens!

Photo de groupe devant le Quinjet

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