Overland Trail Café in Frontierland opens this Wednesday, March 6 

Opposite the Big Thunder Mountain attraction, near the Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia, visitors can now discover a new food and beverage outlet: the Overland Trail Café! 

In the history of Frontierland, the Overland Trail Café is a takeaway for travelers on their way west, whether by stagecoach or wagon! It also served as a mail relay for the famous Pony Express postal service of the time. Its name, Overland Trail, alludes to one of the main routes linking the East and West of the United States, used by the Pony Express, stagecoaches (Overland Mail) and gold seekers on their way to California. 

As with Frontierland, the Imagineers drew their inspiration from both historical facts and popular culture’s depiction of the Far West. 

The architecture of the kiosk blends the two main styles of the land’s buildings, with the central part built in stone and wood, and the extremities in adobe, creating a natural transition between the Thunder Mesa entrance and the Pueblo-style facades, a blend typical of the Western films created in Europe, such as those by Sergio Leone. The wink doesn’t stop there, as the list of stagecoach stops displayed on the kiosk’s facade includes some of the most emblematic names of this beloved film genre. 

To mark the opening of the Overland Trail Café, a menu designed for the occasion will offer passing visitors the famous turkey drumsticks or the essential churros for a gourmet break. 

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