Our furry friends!

Walt Disney was fond of animals, and notably dogs. He famously snuck Sunnee, a Chow-Chow, into a hatbox to surprise Lillian during Christmas – a surprise which inspired the famous opening sequence of Lady and the Tramp! From Pluto to Dante, we invite you for International Dog Day on a journey across Disneyland Paris looking for the many hidden references to our four-legged friends.

1) Pluto

Mickey’s loyal companion is well known throughout Disneyland Park, whether it be for magical encounters with guests or in shows and parades. During Disney’s Halloween Festival, his gargoyle-shaped statue can be seen in front of the float “Mickey’s Castle of Illusion.” He can also be spotted playing ice hockey in “Mickey’s Winter Wonderland” (1998-2011) in Frontierland!

Pluto et dingo

2) Goofy and Max 

Father and son make many appearances together, whether it be during “Disney’s Christmas Parade,” “Goofy and Max Spooky Space Party” during the 2019 Halloween Party in Discoveryland, or the inaugural Disney Fan Daze event on June 2, 2018, during which they both energized Walt Disney Studios Park with “Max Live! Getting’ Goofy with it!”

Dingo et max

3) 101 Dalmatians

The adorable little puppies are prominently featured on the 1911 Oakland Model 33 Touring on the window of Main Street Motors. But beware, Cruella is never far! Luckily, their dad Pongo watches over them. He can be found on a window above Emporium as the firefighters’ mascot on Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street Motors

4) A Nanny like no Other

In Peter Pan’s Flight, Nana, the well-tempered St. Bernard serving as nanny to the Darling children, makes sure that the nursery is always perfectly tidy! In the first scene of the ride, she is busy organizing the toys of the little troublemakers. 

Chambre Darling's

5) Pizzeria Bella Notte

The iconic restaurant set in Fantasyland pays vibrant homage to Lady and the Tramp, and a painting depicting the classic spaghetti scene can be found inside. Numerous architectural references to the town of Venice are made to bolster the romantic mood of the place, which clearly impacts our two furry friends in the best way!

Tableau La Belle et le Clochard

6) Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin

Talk about a flexible dog! This toy dachshund spends most of his time trying to catch his tail! Shrunk down to the size of Toy Story characters, guests can get aboard Slinky for some exciting loopy laps!

Zig Zag

7) A Pirate’s Life for these Dogs!

In Pirates of the Caribbean, guests can spot three dogs—the most famous of them fiercely holding on to the jail keys. Another one finds Captain Jack hiding in a barrel, nearly revealing his presence to the owner of the treasure map, and the third one barks in synch with the musicians at the entrance of the town set ablaze. Sensitive souls, be warned!

Pirates attirant un chien

8) Old Joe’s Beloved Dog

During their cruise aboard the Molly Brown on the Rivers of the Far West, guests have the opportunity to pass by Old Joe’s Cabin, “the only fisherman who never managed to catch a fish!” This may be explained by the fact that the old man spends his time sleeping. His beloved dog, affectionately called Moonshine, attempts to wake him up by barking, but nothing will do!

Old Joe

9) Grim Grinning Dogs 

At Phantom Manor, when guests move from the Bride’s Boudoir to the yard, they have the daunting surprise to be welcomed by the laughing ghost and the terrifying dog with glistening eyes. His howling echoes beyond the gates of the manor…

Chien squelette

10) Dog Heaven

During the 2017 « Disney’s Enchanted Christmas,” in the courtyard of Fuente del Oro Restaurante, a strange multicolored dog could be seen. It was Dante, Miguel’s faithful companion, who would happily sit in its “alebrije” version in the middle of the courtyard. Dante can also be seen during Disney’s Halloween Festival. 

11) The Twilight Bark

Pay close attention—certain dogs may be hard to find and guests can only hear them. Among them, Big Thunder Mountain’s coyote, the dog on Market Street, Main Street, U.S.A., and the one in the queue of Ratatouille: The Adventure, undoubtably attracted by the sweet smell of French delicacies cooking up in the kitchen!

12) Loyal Friends

At Disneyland Paris, our guests’ pets can be accommodated in our “Animal Care Center,” located near the guest parking lot. As such, the decoration features numerous four-legged Disney heroes, including the Dalmatians, Lady, Tramp and friends, Dodger and Rita from Oliver & Company, Copper or Nana.

The least we can do for “Man’s Best Friend!”

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