Heritage Days: discover Europe as you’ve never seen it before, without leaving Disneyland Paris!

During European Heritage Days on September 18 -19, Disneyland Paris is celebrating the exceptional richness of its heritage by offering you the chance to discover the place where the most iconic stories and legends of European culture come to life: Fantasyland. 

From the stories of Charles Perrault to the Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll and Collodi, Fantasyland pays tribute to great classics revisited on film by Walt Disney Studios. With its ideal location in the heart of Europe, the resort was perfectly placed to inspire Disney Imagineers and honor the stories that Walt Disney so enjoyed while growing up. 

Designed as a medieval kingdom, Fantasyland offers guests an immersion in the heart of many European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and even the Netherlands. When building the park, one of the main challenges for Imagineers was to find the right balance between faithfully adapting the architectural styles of these different countries and immersing guests in an enchanting and imaginary world. To do this, they were inspired by some of the techniques of Walt Disney Studios animators: soft lines with curves that create a sense of movement or imaginary proportions based on the principle of “squash and stretch.” Guests are invited to keep their eyes wide open to catch the many architectural details typical of European destinations represented in Fantasyland. 

Discover it as you’ve never seen it before with a video tour highlighting the history, cultural and architectural heritage, and craftsmanship of Europe’s leading tourist destination.


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