A guided tour of the Boutique du Château

Even if you won’t exceptionally be able to visit us this Christmas, there is a magical place at Disneyland Paris where it’s Christmas every day of the year. Santa Claus’s Workshop? Almost! It’s La Boutique du Château! Let’s take a look!

Boutique du chateau


The Boutique du Château is the ideal place to find Disney’s Christmas decorations. Everything you need to decorate your tree, from classic balls to more elaborate items, always with the latest trends on display. You can also discover electric trains inspired by Walt’s passion for everything related to the world of railways and a thousand and one accessories to decorate the house: Socks and figurines for the fireplace, candles and music boxes, as well as our traditional stuffed animals, our favorite characters dressed for Christmas! Not to forget, mugs and cups, decorated  painted in holiday colors ready for you to enjoy a delicious Egg Nog!


Ideally located in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the boutique pays a vibrant tribute to Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece through numerous quotes, starting with the film’s music playing in the background. The stained glass windows extend the experience of La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant, particularly the one depicting Kings Stéphane and Hubert toasting to the future happiness of their children.

Vitrail rois boutique du chateau

There are also many architectural – motifs abundantly portrayed fleurons, crossbows, arrows and three-leaf clovers, typical of the Gothic style. The design of Princess Aurora’s crown served as an inspiration for a few of the shelves. As for the stone fireplace, the different characters that decorate it, make direct allusion to the scene “I dreamed of it”. In this sequence animated by masters Marc Davis and John Lounsbery, Aurore performs an improbable pas de deux with a “supposed” prince who is really none other than the forest animals – owl, rabbit, bird and squirrel – disguised in the clothes that Philip was drying after having fallen into the river. An epic moment!


And the miracle happens when the two themes, the Middle Ages when Sleeping Beauty takes place and Christmas, become one. These richly painted ceilings are reminiscent of the most beautiful medieval churches such as the Sainte Chapelle, which served as the main inspiration for this store, only that the plant motifs used here are more like Christmas holly than fleur-de-lys.

Plafond boutique du chateau

Other forms represent pine cones, which can be found in the forest where Aurore dances, as well as in Christmas trees. As for the floor tile, its geometric pattern is derived from that of great european medieval castles, but its colors – green and red – evoke more specifically, Christmas. 

All of these decorative elements bathed in golden candle light, form a royal and warm atmosphere , creating the charm of this boutique.

chandelier boutique du chateau

And if you are searching for even more Christmas-related items, visit these boutiques on  Main Street, U.S.A.: Ribbons & Bows Hat Shop and Bixby Brothers Men’s Accessories. Since 2016 they have been offering the same types of items in an elegant, nostalgic, turn-of-the-century ambiance. 

Two complementary experiences with the same holiday magic…

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